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TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains mentions of meltdowns, shutdowns, self-harm/harm to others and other general things related to autistic meltdowns which could be upsetting to some listeners so listener discretion is advised.

In this episode of Seen Heard Accepted, we discuss autistic meltdowns, shutdowns and lid flipping.

Join us as we talk about helpful ways to assist yourself or others when they are struggling through a meltdown or shutdown.

Please remember you’re not alone, you’re not a burden, and you are allowed to ask for help.

NOTE: The things mentioned in this episode work for us as individuals through our lived experiences and may not work for everyone. All resources mentioned in this week’s episode are listed below.

In this episode, we talk about

  • Autistic meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout
  • General “lid flipping”
  • Strategies to help yourself or others that may struggle with meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout
  • Ice and jumping jacks????

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