The Valentins

Hi there!

We are the Valentins.  Our Neurodiverse family is made up of two straight, cisgender parents and three kids who are also part of the LGBTQ+ community.

We know from personal experience how little support there is out there for families with diverse neurotypes and sexual and gender orientations.

This is why we have chosen to share our story with others so that we can support families like ours who would like to learn how to connect with and understand each other better.

Wayne Valentin

Hi my name is Wayne (He/Him).  I am the dad to this lot. 

What can I say about myself…

I like drum and bass music, Star Wars, Marvel and John Wick movies. When I am driving it has to be fast.  I enjoy building things with my hands, tinkering in my shed, hunting and fishing and hanging out with good mates and Zeus (my French bulldog).

Family is the most important thing to me and I would do anything for my wife and children.

Hi there, my name is Tanya (She/Her).  I am the Proud Mama Bear to these 3 talented and beautifully unique humans and wife of 26 years to Wayne.

I am an educator, parenting coach by profession as well as an author of 2 books.  I love writing, reading, yoga, spending time outdoors and rocking out to indie rock.

As a Neurodiverse person myself and the mum to our Neurospicy children, I am super passionate about connecting with and supporting families with Neurodiverse and or LGBTQ+ teens.

Madi Valentin
Hello I’m Madi, my pronouns are They/Them.
I am an artist, aspiring tattoo artist and writer. I have always enjoyed the arts and creative side of things. I’m pagan, I have a profound love for all things Fae and celestial related leading to me painting and sketching a lot of faeries and planets which will probably pop up here and there.
I’m the eldest sibling, I was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 18 and I’ve known I was Queer since I was a child. That’s about it, I can’t wait to connect and create with you all 💙

Hi I’m Morgan (She/Her).

I love my cats and funions but hate when my cat tries to eat said funions.

I’m autistic and I’m bisexual so you could say I’m the best of both worlds. I like to meow and beep at people, cars and cats randomly. I guess I’m not like other girls – beep beep

Hi I’m Theodore (Theo)/Trinity. Pronouns He/Him, Sexuality gay.

I am the youngest sibling.

I’m a YouTube creator and I am the creator and owner of “The Life Of Karl & Max”.

I enjoy drawing, painting and gaming usually Undertale, Deltarune and Minecraft.